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The Pickford House - Cambria, California - Central Oregon Coast
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Cambria California
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Douglas Fairbanks Room

At The Pickford House the Douglas Fairbanks room is a large and handsomely furnished resting place. Doug lived very much like a great and beloved king and you will too with the huge king size bed, fireplace, and sumptuous antiques.

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Short Bio

Douglas Fairbanks Fairbanks really enjoyed making movies from the start of his screen career. From 1915 to 1920, he tried his hand at occasionally adapting his own scenarios. By the time United Artists (the company he partly founded, in 1919, and actively participated in) was operating very successfully, he found his niche in costume pictures. He knew what kind of script worked best to showcase his persona. Beginning in 1922, he resumed writing and wrote many of his own entertaining and creative story lines under the pseudonym of Elton Thomas (his two middle names). These feature films included: Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood (United Artists, 1922), The Thief of Baghdad (1924), The Black Pirate (1926), The Gaucho (1927) and The Iron Mask (1929).

Doug lived very much like a great and beloved king. He was an active member of society and worked towards the betterment of his beloved Southern California, as well as the movie industry - co-founding Beverly Hills, United Artists and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He was a world traveler and, with his queen Mary Pickford, thrilled the imagination of people all over the globe. It seemed as if this dynamic individual would outlive all his contemporaries.

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