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Lillian Gish Room

The peach satin draperies in the Gish room reflect the simple elegance of Ms Gish's time and personality. The room's dual king bed with soft print bedspread and cozy seating offers spacious comfort of the guests, while the fabulous antique armoire makes a statement of quality and substance that seems to dominate this special room. Ms Gish has been known to gently remind guests of her occasional presence, especially near her birthday. The uniquely decorated ceiling may at times reflect her date of birth, 10/14/1893. Ms Gish was last seen in Cambria, which she loved, when she was 93 years old and was said to be as lovely as ever. We cherish her.

Short Bio

Birth Name: Lillian Diana de Guiche
Born: October 14, 1893 in Springfield, Ohio
Died: February 27, 1993 in New York, New York

Not only was Lillian Gish born in the right era, but she was also born with the ethereal beauty and grace to make her a star in the silent film industry. If Mary Pickford was the silent cinema's greatest personality, Lillian was its greatest actress.

Lilian Gish

A consummate actress, Lillian seemed to take delight in suffering for the art form that became her obsession. In order to experiment, Lillian worked in extreme conditions such as starvation, intense heat and bitter cold. Soon, she became the quintessential silent screen heroine, lovely and open to suffering. However, despite her characters' apparent weakness, Lillian's performances also let their inner strengths shine through.

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